Day 2 – San Leandro, California – The Historic Bal Theater

Eventbrite - April 4th – San Leandro – 12:00 – 2:30 p.m.

Running Time

Una Hora Un Paso



Directed By

Bernat Gual
and Aitor Iturriza


Emilio López


Borja Martínez

Director of Photography

Juli Carne Martorell

Garifuna in Peril


99 min

Additional Writing: William Flores
Associate Producers: Dudley Augustine, Ben Flores, Jorge Garifuna
Actors: Ruben Reyes, Julian Castillo, Gloria Garnett, Jessica Alvarez, E.J. Mejia, Jr., Luis Martinez, Aubrey Wakeling, Arleny Escobar
Cinematographer: Alí Allié
Editors: Alí Allié, Ruben Reyes, Milton Guity, Katherine Cumpa, Marya Murphy Music: Emilio Nuñez & Labaña Maraza, Aziatic, Punta Cartel, Ala Suazo, Rene Crisanto y La Runi Hati, Bodoma, Isabel Flores, Garifuna Records, Bootsy Rankin, Julito Timbalito, Bill Cayetano, Georgette Lambey, Glen Garcia, Nuru, Luisito Martinez, Yanyman, Ruben Reyes

Written, Produced and Directed byAlí Allié and Ruben Reyes

Year of Production: 2012
Countries of Production: USA/Honduras

Running Time: 99 minutes

Languages: 55% Garífuna, 30% English, 15% Spanish
Subtitled in: English

(Spanish subtitled version available)

A Garifuna language teacher, Ricardo, struggles to preserve his endangered Afro-Amerindian culture by building a language school back in his home village in Honduras, Central America. A business venture with his brother designed to raise money for the school’s construction becomes complicated by the expansion plans of a nearby tourist resort into indigenous territory. Historical parallels are invoked as Ricardo’s son rehearses a stage play about the Garifuna people’s last stand against British colonialism over 200 years ago in their motherland, the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. Naturalistically shot, with debut performances by nearly the entire cast, “Garifuna in Peril” makes its own history as the first feature film with the majority of dialogue in Garifuna, a language proclaimed by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Eventbrite - April 4-  The Historica Bal Theater - 3:00 - 5:30 p.m.

The Bal Theater 3:00 - 5:30 p.m.
Ngutu is a newspaper street vendor who hardly sells any copies at all. Resentful, he starts watching the passersby closely in order to make progress in his business.
Directed and Produced by:
Abhi Singh
18 min
Bhiwani Junction, is a portrait of Himanshu, a 12-year-old boy who aspires to win an Olympic boxing medal and trains at India’s leading grassroots boxing gym, the Bhiwani Boxing Club. Through Himanshu’s eyes, we experience boxing training that is relentless, sometimes brutal, and marked by a rhythm of its own. Himanshu’s dreams provide a glimpse into the dreams of millions of Indians in the lower middle class – dreams that are simultaneously grandiose and pragmatic.
The Lives of LaMott Atkins

Directed by: Robert Philipson
Produced by: Shoga Films Foundation

35 min
A man of extraordinary talent and beauty struggles with his homosexuality while pursuing the roles that provide the traditional models of Black success.
Cargols Director: GEOFFREY COWPER 13 min
Joey is with his friends at a party in a park when he sees his ex-girlfriend there. He decides to go talk to her and tell her he still loves her, but a giant snail interrupts them! Joey will have to do whatever it takes to get the girl of his life back.
Hold Me Closer Directed and Produced by: Thomas Fisher & Taylor Luce 25:56 min
Hold Me Closer documents the events of a Cuddle Party held in March 2011. Seven strangers gathered under the supervision of a certified Cuddle Party Facilitator for 3 hours of “freestyle cuddling” meant to bring people together through the use of healthy, nonsexual touch. However, conflicting personalities and a cuddler trying to subvert the rules threaten to derail the proceedings.
Thrown For A Loss: The 1963 Pittsburg Mallards
Based On a True Story
Produced & Directed by John Chavez 49 min
In November 1963, an undefeated youth football team from Northern California, has a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet President John F. Kennedy. However, due to the tragedy of President Kennedy’s assassination on November 22nd the entire team attends his emotional, funeral instead. Four days later, they defeat Mayfair Athletic Club 33 to 0 to complete a perfect season and win the National Pop Warner Championship.

Eventbrite - April 4th - The Historic Bal Theater San Leandro - 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.

The Bal Theater 6:00 – 8:30
Suicide Party Short David Millett, Director Gini Graham Scott, Writer/Producer 16:30
A once successful salesman who is about to lose everything decides to have a suicide party with the help of friends who are struggling, too; if he raises enough to save his house and get back on his feet he’ll live; if not he’ll end it all.
21 Directed & produced by Marina Niava
Co- produced by Agence dLight
A girl falls in love with her rich mother’s boyfriend, only to find out that she was deceived by them both.
Set Me Free Directed by: Big Spence
Produced by: Big Spence & Anquenitta Williams
Four boys, now men (Keith, Kevin, Korey & Kenny), still live in their neighborhood. The community has transformed and what remains is the “hood.” Each man negotiates his way through the day surviving the hood and each one has a plan to be set free.

Eventbrite - April 4th - The Historic Bal Theater San Leandro - 9 - 11:30 p.m.

Bal Theater 9:00 -12
Methel Island Directed & Produced by: Meg Smaker 12
There is an island in the delta of northern California that is infested with crystal meth. In this documentary we will explore the island and its inhabitants relationship to the drug. Four characters will take us on the journey of an addict: from the first taste, to the come down, and finally the long road to recovery.
Pistols to Porn Directed & Produced by: Meg Smaker 6
An unusual story of urban renewal…oh, if these walls could talk. From National Guard to fetish porn castle, take a glimpse inside the most unlikely of transformations.
Hopes Identity Produced & Directed by: Christopher L. Ellis 79
Marcus and Cynthia are young middle school teachers who begin an interracial relationship that threatens to tear apart their family and friends. While the lines of color become blurred when combined with careers and deception, they experience the rollercoaster ride of life.
The Ghost of March 21st Produced & Directed by: Samuel Stoker 29
 ”Some of American’s most saliently held notions are challenged as the deadliest encounter in the history of Bay Area law enforcement is analyzed from the position of its so-called perpetrator in this probing documentary examination of race, power and justice in the contemporary United States . “

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