Destination Oakland

Did you know The Claremont Hotel Spa and Resort stands on the border of Oakland and Berkeley?

Where is Oakland, Ca? Oakland is just across the bridge from San Francisco. If your in to wine, Oakland is about an hour drive to Napa Valley. If your in to film, It’s about an hour flight to Hollywood. If your into both and look forward to networking and partying with other filmmakers, welcome to the 11th Oakland International Film Festival.





Miko Marks shares her beautiful voice at OIFF7

Oakland, CA shares the East Bay of the Bay Area with the following cities: Berkeley, Emeryville, San Leandro, Pleasanton, Richmond, Orinda and  Alameda to name a few. It is the home of the Super Bowl Champion Oakland Raiders, The World Series Champion Oakland A’s and the NBA Champions The Golden State Warriors.






Did you know Actor Bruce Lee started his martial arts school in Oakland?

Legends like  Bruce Lee, Tom Hanks, Bill Russell, MC HAMMER, Keyshia Cole, The Pointer Sisters, were either born in Oakland or spent formidable years   in Oakland, CA.

Oakland, CA is the home of change in America. Political organizations such as The Black Panther Party For Self Defense were started in Oakland by local college students, Bobby Seale and Huey Newton. The recent Occupy movement in Oakland portrays even today social change happening within the city of Oakland.

But it’s not just political in Oakland. Oakland is the home of a artistic renaissance happening each and every month in the city of Oakland. It’s called First Fridays!  On this day, thousands of people from all over the Bay Area enjoy art exhibits, Food truck vendors, Live Music, Dj’s, etc. This event is banana’s!




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