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Incorporated in 1852, Oakland is the county seat of Alameda County. It serves as a major transportation hub and trade center for the entire region and is also the principal city of the Bay Area Region known as the East Bay. The city is situated directly across the bay six miles east from San Francisco and is the eighth most populous city in the state of California.

If you are looking for places to shop, experts in Oakland are the Oakland Merchants Leadership Forum. Through their Oakland Grown and Shop Oakland campaigns, Oakland is becoming more sustainable by more individuals purchasing directly from small businesses within Oakland. Keep up the good work!

If you feel like just jumping in your car and window shopping, the following districts have unique products / restaurants / bars to make your travels worth the while: Dimond, Lake Merritt, Piedmont, Lakeshore, Black Wall Street, Airport Area, Grand Avenue, Temescal, Montclair, Fruitvale, Piedmont Avenue, Rockridge, Heartlands – District 6, Eastlake, Laurel, Jack London Square, Oakland Chinatown, Old Oakland, City Center, Uptown, Adams Point, Temescal / Telegraph, Golden Gate, West Oakland Village Bottoms, Downtown, Fruitvale Avenue, Koreatown / Northgate.

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