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Date: November 5th, 2012
Subject – Our Pitch

Our Pitch

I want to first thank the Oakland community for supporting The Oakland International Film Festival (OIFF) over the past 10 years.  Over the years, you have contributed in a variety of ways and helped keep the Festival  in some shape or form in keeping us alive and relevant.  Without you, none of this would have been possible.

As we approach our 11th festival, scheduled for April 5-7, 2013, our goal is to further engage individuals and organizations who share the same love for film and the City of Oakland to priovide support needed to make the Festival an even greater success.

Our goal is to raise $4.95 million over the next three years to implement three major campaigns- Film Destination Oakland, Healthy Economics and OIFF Organizational Capacity, which includes staffing, marketing and operational support.

The Film- Destination Oakland is a regional/national/international marketing campaign to promote filmmakers and to encourage film connoisseurs from around the world to attend the Oakland International Film Festival. We will increase our exposure and participation at Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, Pan African and other film festivals around the globe and the target film markets including the American Film and Hong Kong Film Market. Our website, features additional information on Destination Oakland, along with a listing of places to eat, accommodations, shop destinations, sporting events, airlines, ground transportation and many other helpful resources. These pages are geared to assist tourists coming to the festival so that they partake in all of the wonderful amenities the greater East Bay has to offer.

We have found that while our intentions have been to market these aspects of our city to visitors, local residents have had an increased awareness of the local amenities in the City of Oakland because of the OIFF, which creates a year-round market for the Festival.

Our campaign to utilize the attention garnered by the Festival to galvanize and connect volunteers on a monthly basis to build healthy, sustainable, communities within Oakland has begun.  We are seeking  Volunteers (largely consisting of student government representatives, parents and alumni of high school) to convene to build gardens, launch farmers markets and grocery stores at school sites and other community development activities that capitalize on cooperative economics. Healthy Economics is our year around strategy of promoting volunteerism, followed by screenings of community development themed films.

The Official Monthly Volunteer Day of Building Healthy Economics is called .  Through the 1stSaturdays campaign, our broad networks and years of experience in the food movement, we are working towards improving our local food system one month at a time. These monthly events are called 1st Saturdays. Join your school/community at

The book “The Four Steps of Hotep” at ( describes the principles of Healthy Economics.

The seven staff for the remaining $550,000 as mentioned above, would manage both these campaigns year around to not only grow the Oakland International Film Festival but the entire city of Oakland.  Our strategy called ” Destination Oakland leads to Healthy Economics” illustrates an international agenda tied to a local agenda of building healthy, sustainable communities right here in Oakland and promoting this to the world through our sites: and

We know this is what Oakland wants and needs.

In July of 2009, Oakland voters passed Measure C an ordinance amending the city’s hotel tax “to provide additional funding to the Oakland Zoo, The Oakland Museum of California, the Chabot Space and Science Center, cultural arts programs and festivals and the Oakland Convention and Visitor Bureau, Shall the City of Oakland add a three percent (3%) surcharge to the current (11%).” The language “cultural arts programs and festivals” is broad and would allow the City to distribute this category of funds to outside organizations or to programs operated directly bu the City.”

OIFF is currently promoting to other cities and countries around the world to, stay at the Marriott Hotel and/or the Claremont Hotel Resort and Spa and to visit the Oakland Museum of California.  As you can see, we are truly looking forward to growing not only The Oakland International Film Festival, but the entire city of Oakland! The Oakland International Film Festival is the type of event that brings the airport, hotels and our museum all together.

From the above $4.950 million over  the next three years, our plans would be to expand the festival through adding more theaters in the East Bay and extend the days of the festival to 10 days (10 days would enable us to showcase every district within Oakland through the Oakland International Film Festival).

We ask that you become a supporter of The Oakland International Film Festival by donating $50.00 to the The Familyhood Conection Inc. ( The fiscal sponsor of The Oakland Film Society).

We also ask that you allow us to add your name to a list of supporters who want Measure C to add or replace the word “festivals” to “The Oakland International Film Festival.”

With the funding as described above, we will do so much for The City of Oakland!

Thank you for your time!

David Roach

The Oakland Film Society is fiscally sponsored by The Familyhood Connection Inc. A 501 (c-3) corporation in the state of California. Tax id# 94-3220394.

Mailing address:
Send checks to: The Oakland Film Society, P.O. Box 10677, Oakland, CA 94610
Make payable to: The Familyhood Connection    “write” The Oakland Film Society in Memo”


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