Lets Fall in Love screens in OIFF11

Let’s Fall In Love

Run time: 90
Production: The Classic Vision
Producer: Lee Ging
Director:Wu Wana
Screenplay: Wang Chi
Cinematography: Wu Wana

A fantastic documentary on love and marriage that startles with truth and sparkles with tenderness.

The subject is love, not the heartwarming, quixotic, groovy kind of love but one that is draggy, agonizing and messy. Indeed the unflattering, painful and downright awkward do not faze the brave married men and women 。

When they interviewed in the film. They talk to one another and to the camera about their struggles and disappointments in the relationship, with great openness and vulnerability. Helping these couples build a life together is Consultant Chen, matchmaker extraordinaire and exceptional crusader of the human heart. She works her brand of magic with tireless passion, old-school wisdom and solid straight talk.

Some documentary filmmakers keep their distance but director Wuna Wu shares her own painful past as transparently as she tells the stories of others. It must have been quite a wet editing room. Real, moving and timeless, this is recommended for everyone with a heart.

Let’s Fall in Love

Taiwan/2010/Documentary/Color/90mins/HD/Director Wuna Wu/producer Ging Lee



2008.6 rd Taiwan International Documentary Festival

2009.22 rd Singapore International Film Festival

2009.11 rd Taipei Film Festival

2009. 53rd Asia Pacific Film Festival

2010. 39 rd International Film Festival Rotterdam

The Oakland Film Society

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